Laboratory of Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry

This laboratory supports academic activities in the fields: hydrogeology modelling, mine hidrogeology, and hydrogeochemistry

Main Equipment Number of Unit
Computer 1 unit
Permeameter 1 unit
Compressor 1 unit
Software Modflow 1 license
Software Feflow 1 license
Current Meter 1 unit
V-Notch 1 unit
Production Well 1 unit
Piezometer Well 2 units
Portable Submersible Pump 1 unit
Galvanize Pipe 1 unit
Water Depth Meter 1 unit
Double Ring Infiltrometer 1 unit
Soil Moisture Content Meter 1 unit
Soil Temperature Meter 1 unit
Water Quality Meter (pH, TDS, EC, temperature) 1 unit
Nitrate meter 1 unit
SEM-EDS unit 1 unit
XRD unit 1 unit
XRF unit 1 unit
Gas Chromatography 1 unit
Mercury analyzer 1 unit
Radon measurement system 1 unit
Field spectrometer 1 unit