New Doctorate in Mining Engineering On Wednesday 18 January 2017

Today Wednesday, January 18 2017 Mining Engineering Doctoral Program ITB has graduated a new doctor, namely Dr. Adriyanto Dian Kusumo who has successfully defended his dissertation in front of the Doctoral Program Open Session organized by the ITB Postgraduate School.

Dr. Adriyanto Dian Kusumo wrote a dissertation with the title “Modeling Upsidence at the Bottom of the Upper Valley of a Underground Coal Mine Using the Longwall Method Using Analytical Model Approaches, Physical Models, and Synthetic Seismic” under the Advisory Team/Promoter 1. Prof. Dr. Sudarto Notosiswojo, 2. Dr. R. Budi Sulistijo, 3. Prof.Dr.rer.nat. Start Priyono. Acting as the rebuttal team in the open session was Prof.Dr.Ir. Ridho Kresna Wattimena, MT, Dr. Agus Laesanpura, and Dr. Singgih Saptono.

Congratulations to Dr. Adriyanto Dian Kusumo, always successful.